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The following are extracts from our newsletters. To provide support living with a workaholic.

Volume 11 | October 2009

Make every day count and live it fully.
What Will The Last Words They Hear From You Be?
Make sure that no one ever goes to bed or leaves the house on an argument.
When was the last time you told your partner that you loved them - unconditionally?
Be sure that what ever happens the words you offer give you no cause for regret.
Treasure the people you care about and tell them often that you value them just for being them.

Volume 10 | June 2009

The Power Of Relationship Games
The amazing thing is that as soon as you give up the need to play the game,
magic things can then begin to happen.
So think carefully about the 'games' you play.

Volume 09 | May 2009

When Does Giving Them A Hard Time Pay Off?
Reward your partner for coming home.
Positive rewards and attention work well with children and are as effective with adults including workaholics.
The motive of workaholics is positive.

Volume 08 | April 2009

Are You Guilty Of Horse Trading?
Horse trading comes in many forms.
Horse traders only give their attention or affection if they are getting what they want from the other person.
Horse traders use their mood as a weapon and a reward.

Volume 07 | July 2008

When the Past Spoils the Relationship You Have Now
You cannot change the past.
What you can do is make sure it doesn’t spoil your present and your future.
A 10 step strategy to changing the way we interpret other people’s motives

Volume 06 | June 2008

It Is All About Perception
The way we interpret other people's actions and words can change the way we feel about them and our situation

Volume 05 | May 2008

Learning to Love Who YOU Are

Volume 04 | April 2008

Lonely but Not Alone

Volume 03 | March 2008

When nagging gets in the way

Volume 02 | February 2008

Work habits:
When your partners excessive work habits are getting you down

Volume 01 | January 2008

Ten principles for creating lasting change in your life.
Creating the ideal conditions for change in your workaholic partner

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